Environmental Services

Environmental Services

The Mushkegowuk Environmental Research Centre (MERC) offers technical Environmental Services for:

  • Project & Study Designs
  • Environmental Research & Monitoring
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Environmental Assessments & Remediation
  • Landfill & Waste Management

These services are offered to Mushkegowuk and other First Nations as well as to Tribal Councils and other clients.

Our Third Party Reviews are done on behalf of First Nations. They are conducted by independent technical experts and reviewed by MERC for clarification. Presentations are made upon request.

Our Environmental Research & Monitoring team comprises a network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous knowledge-based holders with expertise in Atmosphere, Wetlands, Wildlife, Fish, Freshwater and Marine systems.

We offer specialized Environmental Assessment & Remediation and Landfill & Waste Management services through engagement with Malroz Engineering www.malroz.com

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