Herbicide Alternatives Program

Herbicide Alternatives Program

The Herbicide Alternatives Program (HAP) is a Tembec initiative to find approaches and mechanisms to reduce and ultimately eliminate the application of chemical herbicides on Tembec license areas in northeastern Ontario. Initiated in 2010, strong messages have been delivered by First Nation Elders and Chiefs to Tembec and MERC that herbicide spraying has to stop.

To date, HAP outcomes include:

  1. A Steering Team and First & Metis Nations Caucus;
  2. A Strategic plan to achieve HAP goals and objectives;
  3. HAP sites on Tembec forest license areas;
  4. Two Tembec measurements for tracking the use of chemical herbicides;
  5. Information on forest management regimes and herbicide alternative practices and technologies in Ontario and Quebec.


Aboriginal Elders, Leaders and Peoples are adamant herbicide spraying has to stop for protection of water, plants, animals and people in the forests.

As of 2015, Tembec reduced application of glysophate on its license area in the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve by 60%.

Research, innovation and advocacy are needed for limiting, reducing and eliminating the use of chemical herbicides in the regeneration of forests.

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