About Us

About Us

What We Do

From left to right: John and David pulling a boat.

From left to right: John and David pulling a boat.

The Mushkegowuk Environmental Research Centre (MERC) is an independent First Nations organization whose programs and services are created to support environmental research and stewardship in Kitaskiminano – “Our Land”.

Our staff, associates and network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous experts engage in programs, projects, and services that help us build capacity to support communities and agencies in environmental research, education, training, stewardship and management.

The work of Mushkegowuk Environmental Research Centre in research, facilitation and technical expertise informs and supports the needs and interests of Indigenous Peoples, First Nations, Northern Communities and Clients in Tribal Councils, Government, Industry and ENGOs.

Our Strategic Value

We provide the research and services to help your environmental decision-making by using and incorporating Indigenous Values and Contemporary Knowledge.

Our Mandate

To undertake and coordinate environmental research and training, including research and training regarding traditional knowledge collection and its integration into environmental decision-making, with respect to the environment and natural resources, and

To assist First Nation communities and other Aboriginal communities and their organizations in environmental stewardship; and federal, provincial, territorial governments and industries with environmental responsibilities.

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